Bio fireplace – fire outside

Bio fireplace – fire outside


„Ecosmart Fire” offers an interesting line of mobile bioethanol fires, which was designed to be places outside the building. Hence the name of the entire line “Outdoor Range.”

Thanks to resistance to weather conditions, fireplaces can perfectly complement the surrounding of a building, terrace or a garden. Their mobile nature will enable the arrangement of any space that can be easily changed even at very short intervals, depending on the needs.

The offered line composes of four very modern projects which will undoubtedly fit both the residential buildings as well as the commercial objects. The structure of a burner gives a vibrant flame that will surely warm up the atmosphere of each hotel pool, garden restaurant, or presentable entrance to the building.

With the purchase of one of four “Outdoor Range” bio fires each buyer will receive 11 liters of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly “e-nrg” fuel, which provides incredible clean flame and emits no hazardous combustion products.