Bio fireplace – magic table

Bio fireplace – magic table


On cold winter days, many of us do not feel like and does not have the possibility of lighting a fire or even a barbecue. Summer is much more favourable. However, even in winter we do not to give this up. An example may be a Parloir, bioethanol fireplace by Biofireplace.

This model consists of a burner incorporated in the table top, what makes it a very functional piece of equipment, on which we can set up your family heirlooms. Table top is made of a thin ceramic plate with a thickness of 3 mm, so that the table surface is easy to clean.

Parloir is available in two heights: 45 and 70 cm, depending on our needs and place of its location. Tabletop dimensions: 100 x 50 cm.

On summer days the bioethanol fire burner can be hidden inside the top, making bio fire serve as a working table, and when winter comes again, we may take it out again and light up. The tank has a volume of 2.6 liters, which allows for 5 – 8 hours of effective heating. The heat output if this model is 3.5 kW.

The price of this model is approx. € 1950