Bio fireplace MIKA – wall weaves

Bio fireplace MIKA – wall weaves


Source of warmth and amazing esthetic experiences. You just can’t keep you eyes off its abstractive shape and irregular surface. Eric Dessous L’Eglise has designed the piece of art for everyday use – bio fireplace MIKA.   

Wall mounted bio fireplace MIKA by Swiss compamy Aktys stands out with contrast combination of simplicity and magnificence. Everything because of randomly joint, welded, oblong elements, resembling sticks, and behind them – hipnotizing red live fire. Device is made of solid material. Using raw material in one colour let keep moderation – golden mean between what is impressive, and at the same time economical and simple.

Few centimeters sticks are like strewn around branches. The construction of burner causes, that burning flame with thick splice of oblong elements looks like campfire. However, when we extinguish it, there will be no ash, no smoke or unpleasant smell. Ecological fuel is safe, odorless and it totally utilizes. Open-work construction of this model is the natural cover, it separates flame and does not camouflage or eclipse it. Deep black colour perfectly emphasises intensive colours of dancing flames. Sandblasted ecoburner 60 cm length is subtle decoration – it does not dominate over the interior and does not disrupt the essence.

Bio fireplace MIKA with modern shape will easily match to hotel or restaurant interior, but also in our apartments, set up in industrial style. It is unique, expresses personality, delights and inspires. Its advantages will be appreciated by aficionados of simplicity and artistic forms.