Bio fireplace – secret inside

Bio fireplace – secret inside


Bio fireplace can be a great idea to spice up a partition wall through which we would like to separate the two parts of the room. A ready solution may be the Bi-side model by Horus.

This simple bio fireplace consists of a rectangular structure adapted for the mounting in the wall, open on both sides. Thanks to the open construction of the bio fireplace we may see the other side of the room, observing it from beyond the shimmering flames of the burner. The interior seen on the other side gain subtlety, charm and a certain mystery. Because the visual effect is given here by the rest of the wall surrounding the bio fireplace, this model can be adapted both to classic and very modern interior.

Remember that due to the mounting of the bio fireplace in the structure of the wall, we have to schedule it at the right time in the schedule of the construction works to be carried out. Of course, its assembly after painting the walls is also possible but it will require small modifications and improvements.


External dimensions: 75 cm x 40 cm x 75 cm

Tank volume: 2.5 l

Burning time: 6 h

Fuel consumption: 0,45 l / h

Weight: 21.4 kg

Finish: Stainless steel


External dimensions: 87 cm x H82 cm x P 1.5 cm

Weight: 4.25 kg

Finish: Stainless steel

photo: HORUS