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Bio fireplace – japanese chic and smartness


Japanese-style interior, usually very aesthetic, minimalist and limited in colour can be a wonderful background for the ethanol fireplace.

A good example might be an interesting idea inspired by the shapes of the Samurai sword. The shape of the ethanol fireplace is inspired by a traditional small arms as well as Japanese lettering. It will perfectly match the interior decorated in the style of the Land of the Rising Sun. It is made of wood and suitable for hanging on the wall. Even if it is hung alone on a bare wall it can be a very attractive decoration and even regardless of whether it is lit or not. In addition to the decorative function it may be used as shelf for organizing books or journals, which especially in the Japanese interior will matter. In such room there is no place for disorderly scattered everyday items. Japanese interior is an all-embracing cleanliness and simplicity of form undisrupted by any random properties.

photo walyou.com