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Bio fireplace – center of your small world


Home for everyone is a place of rest and isolation from the environment. The bioethanol fireplace will undoubtedly warm the atmosphere and bring a nice mood. This will be particularly noticeable when we perform daily activities around this burner. We can fulfil your dreams of nice evenings spent with the loved ones at the lit burner thanks to a Vulcano bio fire by Horus.

No bioethanol fireplace will give as pleasant closeness with the fire as this one. A carpet spread around the burner will certainly be the most popular place of household gathering. While the burner will become a center of a daily life, where we will spend our free time with our favourite book, music or laptop.

Bio fire is recommended especially for those who live in small apartments they can not afford to install a traditional fireplace because of the lack of chimney stacks. This proposal will certainly appeal to young people.

The carpet entwining the burner is made from certified fire-resistant fabrics. Four glass walls around the burner protect the surrounding from the spread of fire. The burner itself is small and can be easily separated from the carpet, allowing easy shipping. The carpet is available in three colours: white, charcoal and olive.

External dimensions: bioethanol fireplace: 62 x 62 x 45 [cm], Carpet: 180×180 or 220×220 cm

Biofuel tank volume: 2.5 l

Burning time: 6 h

Heat output: 3.5 kw/h

Fuel consumption max. 0.48 l/h – min. 0.32 l/h

Weight: 13 Kg, Carpet 180: 10 kg, Carpet 220: 12 kg

The price of this bioethanol fireplaces is approx. € 2290

photo HORUS