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Is bio fireplace suitable for heating the interior?


In Western Europe, as well as in Poland ethanol fireplaces widely are solely regarded as decorative elements, forgetting about their undeniable heating functions. Why are these most ecological fireplaces underestimated as a potential source of heat?Therefore, many people consider ethanol fireplaces only as a nice decorative item, not thinking that it can successfully serve as an excellent source of heat. It is proved by the many opinions posted at the on-line discussion forums. But we should not think about ethanol fireplaces only as a temporary visual diversifying a ceremonious dinner settling or decorating the interior. We have to be aware of the heat output that the ethanol fireplace gives, thus we may use it as a fully functional heat source.

The heat output of a standard ethanol fireplaces us approx. 3 kW. For comparison, a standard size room heater has a power of 1.5 kW to 2 kW. This means that one ethanol fireplace may successfully replace up to two heaters in the room. Of course, everything also depends on the size of the room we want to warm up, though even in the large living room it will work perfectly.

It is undeniable that traditional home wood-fired fireplaces have greater power of up to 7 kW, but such value is so large that it can even lead to overheating of the equipment, people and animals in a heated interior. In addition, maintenance connected with maintaining the desired heating temperature requires many operating procedures in case of the traditional fireplaces cumbersome (cutting and preparing wood, adding to the fire, cleaning, cleaning the burner, etc.). In the case of a ethanol fireplace we can obtain as much as a half of the heat output of a traditional fireplace, almost in maintenance-free operation. It is enough to light it and refuel after the entire combustion. There is no need to prepare our own fuel, no need to clean, or clean up the burner. And the basic difference is the need for having a proper chimney installation in the case of traditional fireplaces. In case of the ethanol fireplaces, chimney-ventilation system is not required.

Conviction that a ethanol fireplace is only a decorative item stems from the conviction of a low accumulation capacity, although this is not entirely true.