June 25, 2017
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Bio fireplace – travel around the world

The sphere, as one of the most common shapes used by mankind, which is also very often used by designers of the bioethanol fireplaces....

Bio fireplace – always trendy and stylish

Simple shapes and pure colours will always be on time. Moreover, this type of style never gets old. With a growing number of interiors...

Matteo Ragni: my design of bio fireplace

Matteo Ragni graduated in Architecture at the Technical University in Milan. For many years, he has been associated with designing applied art, including bio...

Tetris – more than bioethanol fireplace

What does bioethanol fireplace Tetris and popular in 80s and 90s computer game have in common? The name is not the only element joining...

Bio fireplace – creating space with fire

As we have already presented in several articles, a bio ethanol fireplace is also a great tool for the architects to create the space,...

Babele – perfect for outdoor and indoor

A well-known Italian designer Mario Ferrarini has created a unique and noteworthy design of a biofuel fireplace.

Nerone – urban light at living room’s fireside

Those, who are admire stylish, creative and economic solutions, will certainly appreciate James di Marco's design.

Loft – quality in itself

This modern and simple design made from wood and steel, beautifully reflects the fire. It can be placed on furniture.

Kubik – beauty embeds in simplicity

Minimalism and simplicity perfectly describe the design of this biofuel fireplace by Christiano Piccolo.

Coblonal – fire like a painting in a frame

Beautiful bio fire put in the frame looks like an impressive painting. This exceptional design is created by Brandoni.