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Tetris – more than bioethanol fireplace


What does bioethanol fireplace Tetris and popular in 80s and 90s computer game have in common? The name is not the only element joining the Italian device and classic jigsaw. Ecological fire consists of some items, which you can loosely rearrange and rotate just like the well-known bricks in the game, creating this way different arrangements. Despite all evident similarities to the popular game, model of this bio fire is not an ordinary jigsaw, but it’s a sophisticated and non-trivial way to decorate the interior.

Even though Tetris – worldwide known popular game – was invented more than 20 years ago, it’s still inspiring not only the programmers, but also designers of bio fires. Just like the ecological fire Tetris, designed by Paolo Grasselli, belonging to the luxurious brand Horus. Despite that its name harks back to the popular and well-known game, bio fire itself was made for chosen, who can appreciate the elegant and unbeatable form of this model.

Tetris – the exclusive piece of furniture

Tetris consists of three elements – bioethanol fuel tank with the pedestal and two isolated shelves of different height, patterned after the “L” bricks, which can be loosely rearranged and rotated. The configuration of bio fire is up to us, depending on situation and environment. From the apartments to commercial zones. We can use it as small coffee table, bookshelf, impressive decoration or just as fire warming up and brightening the space. In that way Tetris, apart from the decoration function, can be not only practical, but also elite piece of furniture. It’s really important in a small interiors, where limited possibilities do not allow to place a lot of functional and essential furniture.

Model Tetris is available in two universal colours: white and black-and-white. Construction made of high quality stainless steel and glass protecting from the fire is the example of modern and minimalistic design.

Tetris chooses the ecology

Except nice-looking design and functionality, bio fire Tetris is also ecological. The device does not produce smoke, carbon monoxide or other toxic gases. The only combustion products of the bioethanol fuel is steam, which perfectly and pleasantly moisturizes the space. Simplicity of its use, which will be appreciated even by the most choosy customers, gives us the absolute relax. It does not produce ash, soot, there is no need to clean it. Bioethanol fuel combusts in couple of hours and does not need additional control. Tetris is also very safe, what is confirmed in many tests and international certificates. It is really important not only at home, but also in commercial spaces, where bio fire Tetris looks great because of its modularity and rearrangement possibilities. This model is not only a very impressive interior decoration, but also pleasant warmth, creating homely atmosphere. Thanks to it we have the possibility to admire and savour the fire show.


External dimensions: 100 X 100 x 46,5 cm Bioethanol fuel tank volume: 2,5 l Burning time: 6 h Heat output: 3,5 kW/h Fuel consumption: max 0,48 l/h – min 0,32 l/h Weight: 54.3 kg Finish: stainless steel, glass Colours: white, black-and-white.