Bio fireplace and the city


In the city there is plenty going on. Majority of young and stylish people are living here. Modern buildings are full of innovations, that’s why placing the traditional fireplace in a flat or apartment is very often impossible.

Not only minimalism

Modern interiors are not only simple and full of warm colours. It’s also the game of colour, shape and decoration. If they are chosen properly, they will not disturb the gentleness and spaciousness of a room. A bio fireplace, as every element of decoration, should have an appropriate size, in order to create the feeling of integrity.

                                                          Photo: EcoSmart Fire

Luxury spaces – more decorative innovations

Apartments in big cities differ from interiors in minimalistic style in terms of the decorative idea. Luxury, creativity and uniqueness dominates. Interesting ideas allow to experiment more without destroying the harmony. The effect of excessive glamor and glitz can be avoided through moderation and class. In such interiors, bio fireplaces will be a great supplement to elegance and chic. They conjoin functionality, modern design and high quality of production.

Photo: EcoSmart Fire

Praise of simplicity

In minimalistic interiors expressive decorations can be an amazing contrast, however in colder interiors it’s very easy to overdo. Deciding about placing bio fireplaces in the apartment, we should pay attention to a couple of important factors. The first one – shape: simplicity is always a good pick. Geometric shapes and construction can be as unique, as an imperial style design, and they easily match the interior. Choosing a bio fireplace, we should pay attention on its arrangement possibilities. Models, mostly made of glass and steel, can be mounted in different ways. They look perfect as free-standing devices in the middle of the room, but also as a part of kitchen furniture or a book stand. This decoration is not only unique and creative, but also practical, it perfectly composes with the style of big city apartments and penthouses.

                                                                              Photo: EcoSmart Fire