Bio luxury hidden in matter


It’s simple and elegant – and at the same moment extremely functional. Bion bio fireplace is the source of warmth and luxury in harmonious combination.

Bion bio fireplace is the device created by the designers Dobrzański and Juliushi from the OPERSTONE studio, specializing in industrial design. It could be said that Bion determines the direction of manufacturing the bio fireplaces in the world, as well as it’s the most eco-friendly solution, it’s shape is the essence of bio design. It has the automatic tank, the fuel delivered to the electronic burner in appropriate doses allows to accumulate the warmth with the minimal use of bio fuel. Due to simple, organic shape and its universal colour, the device perfectly matches the character and arrangement of the interior, adding classic elegance and luxury. It is a perfect solution for the lofts, big glassed areas and public spaces. A burner, protected by tempered glass, takes care of the flames, creating flat, stable fire line.

Bion bio fireplace is the reflection of luxury in the best form. Presently, the product is available and realised at client’s special request. OPERSTONE design studio also creates individual interior projects in the lofty style.

Bionlov Premium biofuel was used for testing Bion bio fireplace – a Swiss brand, specializing in making the best quality biological heating liquids, according to their own perfect recipe, which was mentioned in our magazine on numerous occasions. As reminder Bionlov is characterized by high caloric and productivity, and it gives a beautiful flame. As it is based on ethyl alcohol it combusts completely, does not produce any smell, or smoke and gives even more warmth. The product is purified with innovative molecular devices, used in the best world bio laboratories, which guarantees the highest quality.