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Is it possible to refuel a lit bio fireplace?


When using the fireplace we must comply with certain very important issues that directly affect our safety. One of them is the issue of refuelling a lit bioethanol fire.

This is one of the things that we absolutely MUST NOT DO while using the device. It is strictly forbidden. If we want to refuel the bio fire we have to extinguish burner completely. The fire spreads very quickly over the fuel surface, so if we want to add fuel to a real fire it may have dire consequences. As a rapid and large blast of fire will occur that will surely burn us. This may affect not only the hands and arms, but our face and hair is also exposed. Of course it depends on the explosive power, but it’s better not to risk. In addition, the splashing fuel and flames can cause a fire. The fire can spread to the rest of the equipment in our house.

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