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Bio fireplace – romantic atmosphere in the bathroom


Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in which we are particularly looking for relaxation and rest after the hardships of everyday life. The light of the burning bioethanol fireplace will certainly help in creating romantic and relaxing atmosphere while bathing.

A decorative advantage of a ethanol fireplace in the bathroom does not have to be praised. Iridescent glow of the flames, combined with beautiful ceramic tiles can give amazing visual effects. It will be a very original and unique interior design accent in the bathroom. Bathroom bioethanol fireplace will certainly draw attention of the visitors and will remain in their memory for long. Because it does not happen frequently that in a wet room, which a bathroom undoubtedly is, we find a very nice warming burner.


Apart from a decorative function, bio fire in the bathroom performs its heating function very well. Small sizes of the bathing rooms and finishing the walls and the floors with ceramic tiles which have a very good heat accumulation, is conducive to it. Mounting of the bioethanol fireplace in the bathroom is especially recommended for those for whom the existing heating system is insufficient for their comfort. Since many people like extremely high temperatures in the bathroom, which should not surprise. When we get out of a warm bath on a cold bathroom space is not too pleasant, and its easy to catch a cold. So the heat spreading from the ethanol fireplace into every corner of the room will be particularly welcomed and will protect us in some way against the disease.


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