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Bio fireplace – How to choose fuel for bio fire?


Quality, productivity, smell, colour and safety are the basic parameters that we bear in mind while choosing fuel for bio fire. That results from the discussion on forum. The users are talking not only about the verified products but also about the ones less known. There are few kinds of bioethanol fuel from different manufacturers on the market. As usual, the opinions are divided. What is important when buying the bioethanol fuel? What should we pay attention to?

First of all, quality, then productivity. The basic compotent of fuel for bio fires is ethanol. The alcohol produced by the distilation of vegetal resources is additionally depurated by modern molecular devices. However, selling the pure ethanol not for food purposes is forbidden. That’s why, the hundred-percent ethanol is intentionally denaturated, which means enriching it by others substances. Wherefore, we can’t say that bioethanol fuel is the product able for consumption. High quality ecological fuel has high energy value, which ensures long combustion time.

The emitted smell is also a sign for the quality of bioethanol fuel. Odor-free smell emitting during the combustion is the guarantee of well matched additional substances, which are harmless for us. That fuel is more expensive, but worths its price, specially when we have to do with the open fire. On the other hand, unpleasant smell is a sign of bad quality fuel, which we have to avoid. Deposits or unburned particles, remaining after the combustion aren’t a good sign, because the only combustion products should be steam, warmth and neutral quantities of carbon dioxide.

The colour of flame depends on the chemical composition. The better matched composition, the more yellow flame is, otherwise it turns the blue tinge. However, according to the opinions of forum users, the most important issue when choosing bioethanol fuel is safety. Such fuel must have the certifications of research institution, controlling its quality. There is such product. It is Bionlov Premium – the high quality product, what is confirmed by the National Institution of Public Health. The manufacturer of fuel Fanola can boast about that certification as well. Additionally, the package of this fuel is compatible with the european rules and it is marked for blind people as well as a save cap protecting from unwished opening. We should remember about these parameters when choosing fuel for bio fires.