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How properly lay ceramic logs in bio fireplace?


Ceramic logs are one of the most popular accessories used for the ethanol fireplaces. Arranging them around the burner we should follow some simple rules. Below we present a simplified and ordered manual.

1. Unpack the package with the logs.


2. Locate the place where the burner of our bioethanol fire is situated.


3. Pull out the logs one by one.


4. Begin laying the first layer, arranging the logs around the opening of the burner.


5. Remember not to cover the burner opening with the logs.


6. Then, in order to obtain a good visual effect, we can arrange a second layer alternately, also in a manner not covering the opening of the burner.


7. Burner prepared in this way is ready for lighting.


8. Always light the burner after arranging the logs, not the other way round. Do not lay the logs on the blazing fire. Only appropriate elongated lighters should be used for lighting. The opening left inside the logs circle will give us a direct access to igniting the fuel.


Let us also remember about the basic safety rules:

1. Never touch the logs with bare hands at burner lit.

Bio-fireplace-1502. Never take out the logs with bare hands at the burner lit.

Bio-fireplace-1503. Never use wooden logs.


4. Never blow on the lit burner of the bioethanol fire.

Bio-fireplace-150We would like to thank the manufacturer of AKOWOOD Original for providing the drawings for this presentation.