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Flame in a noble setting


The AkoStone stones, referring to nature and ceramic logs by AKOWOOD, confusingly similar to real wood, are the answer of THE Polish manufacturer to the contact of tradition with modernity.

Handmade stones, made with unusual carefulness, are simple but not trivial – because being inspired by nature. Arranged around the burner the logs create the impressive game of lights, composed on the kitchen top add chic and elegance. Covered by fireproof glaze, they reflect the flash of flames not being affected by high temperature (1080°C). The universal colour and pure form allow to create individual arrangement, matching the interior character and atmosphere.

Ceramic logs are the solution for admirers of traditional forms, who associate the home fire only with wood, surrounded by fire. Made of high quality materials, the logs are an amazing decoration for fireplaces with a classic as well as the modern shape.  Very carefully crafted, they perfectly show the structure of different kind of trees and although they are destined for decoration, for many people they are an inseparable element of the burner.

How to safely light the bio fireplace? Using the special device – AkoLighter. Its ergonomic shape and 36cm length make the ignition much easier – both in bio fireplaces and in traditional ones. AkoLighter, made of elegant stainless steel, is durable and could be filled with gas for the lighters. That’s how we can always enjoy the fire in a simple and safe way.

Unforgettable charm, pure form and innovative solutions cause that accessories by AKOWOOD, highlighting the beauty and utility, gain fans all over the world.