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What materials is bio fireplace composed of?


Ethanol fireplaces are of course made of materials resistant to fire and high temperature. Usually their structure is made of stainless steel, safe hardened glass, stone and/or ceramics.

The temperature of the flame in the bio ethanol fireplace is so low that these materials do not lose their properties when they come into contact with open flame. Moreover, apart from fire-resistant properties they allow creating interesting shapes, forms and colours. The furnace is made of steel which is combined with other, above-mentioned, materials, creating amazing decorative effects. No need to connect the bio ethanol fireplace to any installation gives the possibility to locate it at any place, on every wall and it can even be built in other interior fittings. In addition, the bio ethanol fireplace can be disassembled and assembled in another place within one hour. The fact that the bio ethanol fireplace is made of high quality precious metals combined with interesting colours of other materials makes the room modern and elegant. Not only a modern interior is suitable for locating the bio ethanol fireplace. Stone or ceramics gives us the possibility to arrange the bio ethanol fireplace also in a very classic style.