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Is it permitted to pour fuel to the heated bio fireplace?


Users of bio fires will ask for sure about the appropriate moment when it is allowed to pour fuel to the burner. It can happen, that during pleasant evening bio fire turns off because of the burning out of all fuel. Unfortunately, when pouring bioethanol fuel we have to keep one fundamental rule, obligatory regardless of the type of a bio fire. It is NOT PERMITTED to pour bioethanol fuel to the heated burner. It can lead to the accident. Because of the fast ignition and contact with the hot surface of a tank the poured bioethanol fuel can immediately kindle, what can lead to the sudden explosion. The explosion may lead not only to the general fire, but it may cause serious burns, especially that when we pour the fuel to the burner we usually stay close to it.

We can pour the bioethanol fuel ONLY to the cold burner. Even when the fuel ends during our romantic evening, it is not permitted to pour it straight away. We have to wait till the whole bio fire cools-off. The fuel can be poured only to the cold burner, and then we can ignite it again.

Although, we must be very careful when lighting it. If the bio fire turns off, despite that tank is full, we have to wait till the whole construction cools down. IT IS NOT PERMITTED TO LIGHT THE HEATED BIO FIRE. NEVER. The flammable steams can stretch above the hot burner, what in sudden combination with the fire can also lead to the explosion. We have to wait till it cools down and only then light it.