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Bio fireplace – fairytale from ancient Egypt


All designers of bio fires are looking for the inspirations and as a result amazing, even very spectacular models are arising. Even the lovers of an ancient civilisation will find something for themselves. The company Cactose offers a bio fire which is the combination of burner and fountain.

The design can remind the decorative monuments from the Egyptian pyramids or the Pharaoh’s palace. The effect is filling up with the big sizes (104 x 44 x178 cm) and the weight about 155 kg. Undoubtedly, this model will be the dominating decoration in our interior. It will be perfect for the minimalistic interiors, where it will enchain the attention of all guests. It will also look great in the winter garden or covered yard.

The whole construction is made of multicoloured natural schists, which colours are created by the nature. The base of bio fire contains the water tank with volume of 90 liters, equipped with a pump, that transports water to the cascades located above the base. We will find 5 colourful small lamps, sunkened in the water by the base. They illume the body of a fountain.


Bio fire has bioethanol fuel tank with the volume of 3 liters and the heat output 2,5 kW. The bioethanol fuel consumption is about 0,40 l/h. The burner is equipped with the fire regulation system. The hardened glass pane protects from the fire. Bio fire is supplied with the following accessories: decorative stones placed on the base.


photo: CACTOSE