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Bio fireplace – moonlight magic


Design of some ethanol fireplaces attracts by its charm, incredible precision of details refinement and magical shape. The real gem, enchanting by its fairytale look, is an Ivy ethanol fireplace by Flammengo.

The whole is made of stainless steel, curled up into the shape which from the side is referring to the moon. The visual effect is intensified by two milled sheets with a very interesting vortex drills, pleasing to the eye. This distinctive design is created with the maximum attention to detail. Patterned sheets milled on the sides are polished and laser cut. Additionally, the housing is powder-coated in one of two available colours: white or black.

This excellent design will fit into any decor, whether it’s a very modern, classic interior or stylized to a particular theme. The Ivy ethanol fireplace is so beautiful and distinct from any standards, that in itself it will be a decoration standing out against the other pieces of equipment at a house or apartment.

Dimensions of this ethanol fireplace : 1000mm (height) / 930mm (width) / 1010mm (depth).

It is equipped with a fuel tank with the volume of 3.5 l.

The price of this ethanol fireplace oscillates around $ 7800.

Bio-fireplaces_68photo: FLAMMENGO