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Which ethanol fireplace to buy? Hanging, free-standing or built-in?


Everything depends on the size of the room, type of interior design as well as its style. These hanging ethanol fireplaces are most often chosen to the living room. They perfectly replace the paintings and create a warm and cosy atmosphere. They are suitable for spaces with not too many details. They look equally good in the bedroom. Dancing flames that can be observed from the bed create truly romantic aura. Hanging ethanol fireplaces with large panes of glass let in the light, so we get the impression as if they did not occupy any space. Therefore, they may be used in small apartments without worrying that they will overwhelm the interior.

However, we must keep in mind one essential principle. Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces fit the places where there are no competitive decorations. If there is a hanging TV in the room a better solution would be to choose a free-standing fireplace.

Such an ecological fireplace looks best in spacious rooms where the fire is visible from the distance. Its biggest advantage, as opposed to hanging and built-in fireplaces, is the mobility. We can move it any time according to the needs and at our discretion. Among free-standing fireplaces we can find those with a classic line as well as the modern one. We also may choose from the number of sizes. Starting from the small ones, which can be placed on the table, up to a little bit bigger floor models.

The same rules apply to built-in ethanol fireplaces. Their values are best exposed in big,

open spaces. A decision of choosing this type of solution, however, must be carefully thought out, because this kind of fireplace will serve us for many years. Also in this case we have a vast array of options. We can’t forget that while choosing an ethanol fireplace to our house we must take into account the entire decor to form a coherent whole together. Then the fireplace will be not only an original decoration, but will also be an accentuation of our taste.

Built-in ethanol fireplace. Photo: MAISON FIRE