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AkoStone – pearls in fire


Brightness in one of the attributes, which attracts attention and would not let the eyes off the flame dancing in the burner. Glittering fire tongues invite the watcher to take part in the amazing spectacle. Its screenplay is changing with each succeeding scene. However, the attractiveness of the play is not only the actors, but also beautiful accessories. AkoStone is a unique series of ceramic stones for bio fireplaces, essential for creating the miraculous interior style.

Individual character

Being inspired by beauty of nature, AkoStone combines the sensitivity of form, precision and uniqueness. For keeping an individual character, the accessories are hand-made, and therefore they’re unique decoration of the apartment. Unique gloss is achieved by covering the stones with special enamel, which mirrors the light, falling upon it. High quality enamel allows to use AkoStone inside burning bio fireplace. The stones are resistant to temperature reaching 1080° C.

Only exclusive arrangements

Together with water or fire, shining cover of AkoStone creates impressive, unique space illumination. That’s why, the best effect the stones give near the bathtub, sink or fireplaces, where the essential brightness of senses is emphasized. However, exclusive accessories are the attractive decoration not only in living apartments. Frenchmen and Spaniards have appreciated the uniqueness of AkoStone using it as decoration in public spaces, such as SPAs or shopping displays of elegance department stores.

Stones with many aspects

Rustic gold, yellow, black or white are among many AkoStone colours. Rich palette of colours helps to choose the accessories according to the most sophisticated taste of the owner and individual style of the apartment. The size of stones could be also matched with the interior design. Akostone are available in two combinations: AkoStone 7 Elements with 7 smaller pieces and AkoStone Big Three – with 3 bigger stones.

For the demanding taste

AkoStone series was designed by a recognised designer Akii Juluishii. His projects are the combination of simplicity and elegance, which gives an incredible aesthetic value to created objects. These feature of ceramic stones AkoStone should satisfy the most enthusiastic supporters of minimalism. Packed in a beautiful manner can be also an attractive gift for our loved ones.