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Bio fireplace – the safest installation at home


Who would not like to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the fireplace flames? Those who think it is impossible because of the small apartment, or lack of chimneys should consider the bioethanol fire. Its application provides a unique opportunity of architectural arrangement.

The device can be placed anywhere without running any installation. Bio fire will perfectly complement the equipment of the living room, terrace, as well as the bathroom. Thanks to ecological ethanol-based fuel, combustion takes place without leaving soot, ash or smoke. Its use is completely safe. An example may be a line of “ebios Fire” fireplaces by Spartherm completed to the highest safety requirements. Patented combustion technique allows achieving a warm, yellow flame, additionally with the protection against fuel backflow. In this way, the fuel in the fireplace burns steadily and continuously without worrying about too quick or, worse too rapid ignition. A non-combustible ceramic fiber mat positioned above the burning tank constitutes the protection. Additionally, the tank is isolated from the igniter. The fuel is supplied to the igniter by fibrous wick. As a result thermal and spatial isolation of the flame from the tank was achieved. Despite these protections, according to the manufacturer, we still should have effective ventilation, which will exhaust ethanol vapour and carbon dioxide generated during combustion. This will ensure a peaceful night even in the blazing burner.