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Bioethanol fireplace – my twin brother


Large, spacious rooms allow for placing several ethanol fireplaces in the interior. But we do not need to buy a few pieces of usually expensive models. There are ethanol fireplaces that have several burners in their structure or their burners are very long and perfectly fill the empty spaces of a large room.

The ethanol fireplace with the marking 714 by Brûleurs Vulcania is characterized by the structure with a low, rectangular top which houses two identical burners. Through its minimalist shape, it will match perfectly the spacious interior decorated in modern style. After extinguishing one or two burners, bioethanol fireplace can be a functional table or a shelf. The manufacturer offers two standard variants of the finishes: high gloss or matte, although finish with another texture is also possible on request. Similarly, the size can be tailored to the wishes of the buyer. On the customer’s request it is also possible to provide two fire-resistant glass panes preventing open access to the fire.

Technical data:

Dimensions: length 160 cm x height with the back wall of 130 cm x height 42 cm.

Biofuel tank volume: 5 liters

photo: Brûleurs Vulcania

My twin brother