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Bio fireplace – Nest in fire


Bio fireplace NEST with its shape comes back to the very beginning, derives the inspirations from wild nature, closes the flames in a bird’s nest.  It’s the synonym of return, it attracts with charming, dancing flames, sets the aim and refuge.

Wild nature

The construction of Italian bio fireplace NEST looks like a bird’s nest. Open-work ball is an unrepeatable, original frame for the classical element of fire. This model is available in three colours, it adds lightness and fancy. Delicate shapes and natural form fill modern interiors with unique character and a little bit of wild nature. In this case, design is very important – the flames are wrapped up with beautiful, unrepeatable binding, making the time spent by bio fireplace charming and magical.

Untypically and functionally

NEST is flexible, of course not literally. It does not need any chimney-ventilation system, it could be loosely moved from one place to another, we can enjoy its brightness both indoors and outdoors. Ecological bio fireplace is supplied with bioethanol. It does not produce smoke, soot or other harmful substances. It’s safe for children and does not cause fire hazard.

Luxury for the asking

Italian designers enraptured us with their suggestions. The devices created by them are extremely attractive.  In bio fireplaces they stand up on balance between modern design and functionality. The unique character of NEST bio fireplace brings out the most important things in Italian art: style, class and a little bit of craziness.