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Bio fireplace Pedestal Terra – the monument of adoration


Fire closed in steel cocoon? Modern design, minimalistic materials joined with dancing flames – we present bio fireplace Pedestal Terra, the guarantee of uniqueness, good taste and functionality.

Appreciated in the world

Pedestal Terra is the innovative bio fireplace created by the well known designer – Federico Otero. His works received positive reviews from the biggest in the world. Vogue, Metropolis, CNN or Interior Design are only few names, who have appreciated modernity and unique style of Peruvian. However, one of his piece of art can be now in your house.

Unique construction

Thanks to disproportionately big oval copula, in proportion to base, where the burner was put, design of bio fireplace is intriguing. The device is made of sea stainless steel, covered with mirrored coat, and that additionaly emphasizes the whole look. According to preferences and type of interior, producer offers as well model in black colour, covered with carbon steel. Used materials are resistant to high temperature and corrosion, what’s the guarantee of durability od the device.

Cocoon Fires – brand one of a kind

Pedestal Terra is one of the product of exclusive, Australian brand Cocoon Fires. Unrepeatable devices designed by Otero, are the composite of beautiful design with inteligence and usefulness of object.

Ecological technology

Emitted, caring warmth comes from the eco friendly bioethanol. Thanks to it, there is no unpleasant smell or smoke. It works without chimney-ventilation system, that’s why it can be relocated it wherever we want, we can even hang it on the ceiling.

Bio fireplace is stylish accessory, which is not only an attractive decoration, but also the source of real fire, that creates unique atmosphere inside. Bio fireplaces Cocoon Fires are available in internet shop flamino.pl.


Bioethanol fuel tank 1.5 liters
Dimensions of ellipse shape burner – diameter 60 cm and height 38 cm
Dimensions of base – diameter 40 cm, height 36 cm
Overall Height including Cocoon shell – 74 cm