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How to extinguish a possible fire caused by a bio fireplace?


We know that all the fuel for bio ethanol fireplaces is made on the basis of ethanol and in case of fire resulting from a leaky bio ethanol fireplace we absolutely can not use water to extinguish it. What to use then to quickly put out the fire?

Once we unfortunately face spilled fuel from the lit burner, we should do the same as in case of fire caused by the hot oil, paraffin, petrol or grease. Adding water to the burning biofuel only will drastically and irreversibly worsen the effects. We can thus lead to the rapid spread of flames.

We know that in restaurants, hotels or other public buildings, where bio ethanol fireplaces are mounted we have access to fire extinguishers, whose extinguishing agent has the chemical composition that allows quenching alcoholic beverages. However, in a residential building or in an apartment we rarely encounter a fire extinguisher. Then we have to make use of what we have at hand. The best way would be to extinguish the fire in the bud, i.e. in the place where the fuel spilled using a blanket, quilt or other thick fabric, which we certainly have at hand in the apartment. Covering the source of fire with a thick layer of fabric will restrict the access of oxygen and will extinguish the fire. Of course it goes without saying, that we should act as quickly as possible after noticing the fire spreading to the interior.

photo: AKOWOOD