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Is cleaning of bio fireplace’s burner advisable?


When it comes to cleaning the bioethanol fire’s burner, it all depends on the model we have. As their structures are different. A large proportion of them have a simple, uncomplicated construction. Burner is a steel box that can be easily cleaned thoroughly in water. Some models, however, may have the burner of a very advanced construction combined with the materials absorbing fuel. Such models should not in any way be submerged in water. Unless the materials whose wetting is undesirable are easily replaceable.

Cleaning the burner is generally recommended when an unpleasant odour is getting out of the bioethanol fire. This means that poor quality fuel was used and combustion residues that have not burnt out have been left in our burner, and give off bad odours. In this case, we should carefully scrutinize the burner structure of our bio fires, disassemble it into pieces, clean thoroughly and assemble a clean one into one piece again. When no unpleasant odours give off, there is no need to clean the burner’s structure thoroughly.

Therefore, we should use the highest quality, odourless fuel, not emitting any substances hazardous to health. It would be best if the fuel we choose was accredited by the National Institute of Public Health (National Institute of Hygiene).