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How to clean bio fireplace’s housing?


Unlike a traditional fireplace, a ethanol fireplace has the advantage that while using it soot, ash or any sediment requiring heavy cleaning does not occur.

Especially when it is supplied with high-quality fuel, it will hardly require persistent scrubbing or washing. Of course, it may get dirty or dusty, as other home furnishing items, but it is enough to clean it with ordinary household cleaners. However, note that using extremely aggressive chemicals is not advisable. The materials, which bio ethanol fireplaces are made of may react with it and will not be resistant to them. Most of the fireplaces are characterized by a unique form, designed with the use of specific materials. Although they include mainly steel, stone, ceramics and glass, i.e. the materials highly resistant to most cleansers, though their use can lead to changes in gloss or shade of the material. This can have a negative impact on the overall appearance of the ethanol fireplace. For those excessively preoccupied with cleanliness it is recommended to use special cleaners for the particular type of surface.