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Bio fires inserts – only with the good quality?


If we want to manage the bio fire housing or put the burner to the tradition one by ourselves, we should have the insert, or more specifically the burner adjusted to work on the bioethanol.

We have to remember about few important rules when choosing the bio fire insert.

Firstly, we must pay attention to the quality of performance, the thickness of the plane and the way they are connected. We should avoid the light burner with the thin planes, which do not look very solid. We should remember, that burner gets very high temperatures and metal is characterized by the thermal expansion, so if the bioethanol fuel tank is too light it can distort a little under the influence of the temperature, what causes the cover blocking, which regulates the size of burning chink. If we fumbles with the burner cover when it’s burning, it may lead to the accident.

Secondly, we should consider the appropriate sizes. We have to measure accurately the available space for the mounting of a bio fire. It can turn out, that the burner we have bought does not fit in the place, where we have planned to place it.

The next thing are the additional elements such as: tanks for the aromatherapy, handy way of opening, the way of pouring the fuel, essential utilitarian accessories (such as handle for the regulation of flame, funnel for pouring the fuel etc.) and the additional ones, available in the package.

photo: BIONLOV