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World-class quality bioethanol fuel for bio fireplaces


High price may not necessarily mean high quality fuel for the bio fireplaces. Popularity of the product and the number of locations where it is available and used often is a very good indicator of quality. The leader on the world market is certainly a Swiss brand Bionlov Premium, which has already been recognized by the whole Europe and customers in many remote regions of the old continent.

Bionlov Premium fuel for the bio fireplaces is high quality at a good price. In Europe this product can be purchased for merely 2.50 EUR per liter. So this is a great offer for people who are looking for a high and consistent quality at an attractive price. Wonderful yellow flame and no odour are the characteristics of this product. High quality of Bionlov Premium biofuel is rigorously maintained and carefully monitored due to a very demanding group of customers throughout the world. Bionlov is also a member of the French society for producers and suppliers of bio fireplaces. SAFALC (Syndicat des Fabricants, Distributeurs et Importateurs d’Appareils Fonctionnant a l’Alcool). Moreover, Bionlov Premium has a certificate of National Institute of Public Health National Institute of Hygiene.

Advantages of the fuel were appreciated by regular customers in Dubai or SPA centers and the Maldives, belonging to a large Holiday Inn hotel group. The product has also been recognized by companies with long-standing traditions. Danish company Morso, having existed for 159 years, chose Premium Bionlov for their new collection of biolamps. All international consumers tried, tested and got used to a recognized quality of Bionlov Premium fuel. Biofuel producer, Bionlov GmbH, strives to satisfy each demanding customer, offering extremely high quality at a very attractive price, thus the sales of the company are constantly increasing, ahead of the competition. It can be purchased in the online store www.bionlov.com. Thus, even in our homes, we may enjoy the same flames as those that entertain the guests during the evenings at the Maldives or sheiks living in mansions in Dubai.