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What a bio ethanol fireplace is burning?


A bio ethanol fireplace differs from a traditional fireplace primarily in respect to the wood that was replaced here by special, ecological liquid biofuel. The composition of a biofuel, also called bioliquid is usually based on the type of alcohol (e.g. ethanol). Bioliquid composition is appropriately selected, so that its combustion product is water vapour and carbon dioxide. Water vapour causes humidity increase, desirable and beneficial to health, whereas, carbon dioxide content is so small that it is not life-threatening. Generally, the composition and amount of the combustion products is similar to the composition of the air exhaled by humans. Biofuel has one more advantage: during the combustion no smoke is created, which usually accompanies the combustion of traditional fuels. Despite its “ecological” nature, it does not have worse thermal parameters than other conventional fuels. Sample energy value during combustion is as follows:

– biofuel approx. 30 MJ/kg,

– wood 12 MJ/kg,

– petrol 45 MJ/kg,

– coal 24 MJ/kg,

As we can see this fuel presents quite well.