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For what we value bio fireplaces?


Mobility, ecology, wide range of sizes and models, decorative effect and heating properties. These characteristics influence the choice of the bio fireplace by users of discussion fora. We decided to trace their conversations. What customers are guided by in their decision on purchasing this device?

Mobility – a characteristic that gives the bio fireplace a huge advantage over their conventional counterparts. Many people put this important aspect in the first place. The ecological bio fireplace can be afforded by the owners of the houses as well as the apartments. Regardless of the size of the room. Such devices do not require the installation of the stack, building permit and their mounting is relatively easy.

Ecology – the Poles are increasingly recognizing attention to environment. They choose bio fireplaces due to the fact that during combustion they do not produce carbon monoxide, toxic gases, soot or ash. Additionally, they do not dry out the room in which they are located, and do not cause drying out of the wood parquet floors. But they release water vapour moisturising the interior, which combined with essential oils enriches the space with new aromatic scents.

A wide range of sizes and models – is an important issue. Multiplicity of sizes and models offers great flexibility of arrangement. This allows us to fit the bio fireplace into the interior and not vice versa. Small, large, modern and classic – everybody will find something for himself.

Decorative character of ecological fireplaces is also taken into account by the respondents of the Internet discussions. We are looking for bio fireplaces that will be an original decoration to our apartments and houses.

In addition to the aesthetic values, functionality of these devices and their heat capacities are lively discussed. The ecological fireplace is not able to replace a conventional heating, but it can gently warm up the room in which it is located. Unfortunately, the fora contain also the opinions on cheap “bio fireplaces” that can cause much damage at our house. Real ecological fireplaces are slightly more expensive, that is why we should familiarize with the product line of authorized manufacturers, who provide security for their devices.