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Bio fireplace – built-in fire


More and more interiors because of the modern style are equipped with furniture done under a special order, preceded by individual measuring. Interior designers play with shapes, materials and colours to achieve interesting composition matching the rest of the interior. Also bioethanol fireplaces are most frequently used elements for creating individual arrangement.

Designers eagerly refer to bio fires, because the assembly of these element is extremely easy and does not require any installation. They can be incorporated into every piece of furniture, even a wooden one, but we must comply with relevant safety rules during their assembly. Built-in bioethanol fire is usually only the burner, which is mounted in a specially designated place, and the rest of the arrangement is incorporated as the background or development of the interior design around a blazing fire. Housing of such bio fire being a part of the arrangement can be made of different materials. This may be wood referring to the pieces of furniture nearby, stone, or even ordinary paint, which will continue over the next wall.

Apart from furniture arrangement, a very good place for mounting a bioethanol fireplace will be a non-utilitarian wall cavity. Burning fire will enliven this place, the interior will gain atmospheric character, and we will get an additional, very attractive decorative element.


However, if we do not have any artistic sense for interior designing, it would be best to have the built-in bio fire designed by an experienced architect. This way we will avoid the dissatisfaction with the final result and the need for costly alterations or corrections.