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Bio fireplace – the longing for tradition


Bio fires designers often turn to inspiration taken from traditional fireplaces. It is connected with a longing for the rising scent and sound of wood crackling in the fire. Many people associate a traditional fireplace with the heat, felt not only physically, but also the family hearth.

Beefire launched a series of bioethanol fire that perfectly reflect the look of true fireplace or wood or coal fired iron stove. The combination of iron and steel gives a rough, solid, almost indestructible look. The shelves which may be used for decorative purposes were designed under the burner. A Fuel tank with the volume from 1.5 to 1.7 liters of fuel, which allows for efficient burning of up to 6 hours depending on the intensity of the flame, which, as in other bio fireplaces, can be adjusted. The tank is filled up by means of a special funnel set attached.

Technical data:

External dimensions: 44 x 105 x 34 [cm]

Weight: 70 kg

Heat output: 30 kg

The price of this bio fireplace is € 2090,00

photo: BEEFIRE