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Bio fireplace – the magic of aurora


Unforgettable charm of the aurora was the inspiration for designers of Flying Cavalaries to create unique work of art that Aurora bio fireplace can be called. The design of this fireplace allows us to feel the harmony of the whole range of colours and lights associated with the aurora, which further coupled with irregular shapes of the product unambiguously brings to mind the unusual weather phenomena.

Aurora is a colourful light shimmering in the sky that can be observed in the polar regions of the globe which is caused by the collision of charged particles through the Earth’s magnetic field. In particular, observing this phenomenon even at cold, polar nights makes us feel nice and hot thrills.

Aurora bio fireplace blend two contrasting ideas, i.e. the cold of the materials used for its construction and heat flowing out of a burning flame, which additionally in combination with coloured elements gives an aura of mystery.


Aurora is not just the bio fireplace, it is also very functional, free-standing table, which certainly will be a key element of the interior decoration. Table top is made of durable, timeless white or black marble, on which we may see a beautiful drawing of each layer of the rock, drawn by nature itself. The burner is built in the table top, whose warmth contrasts with a cold surface of the table. The legs of the bio fireplace are colourful glass elements, which together form an irregular shape, tapering to the bottom. It five legs symbolize dancing, sparkling lights of the aurora that we can enjoy in our home, away from the cares of everyday life.


This bio fireplace will certainly affect people’s imagination and feelings, and give the interior a specific accent, especially the one furnished in a modern, minimalist style.

Bio fireplace’s dimensions: length 140cm x width 60cm x height 36cm.

The price of this bio fireplace is L 5270,00.