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Bio fireplace – with the sounds of heavy metal in the background


The designer Frank Berauer is famous for the projects of ethanol fireplaces made ​​entirely of steel. His ideas are always a composition of interesting and unique design in which he retains the impression of crude nature of a raw material. However, this effect is not a bungle, but thoroughly thought out design procedure.

CORPUS No.3 ethanol fireplace is a perfect example where very carefully and meticulously finished ethanol fireplace from a distance looks like a crude, unpainted and unfinished one. But the end result is delightful. The combination of the regular shape with a “scratched” surface of the metal gives an incredible impression.

The whole structure is made of hot rolled steel with different surface texture. There are three colour variants available with the shades of: steel – blue, steel – grey or patinated in three colours of rust. Recycled materials are often used to accomplish this ethanol fireplace.

Technical data:

Diameter: 80 cm

Depth: 21 cm

Biofuel tank volume: 2.5 liters

Efficient burning time: min. 5 h

The price of this ethanol fireplace is € 2300,00