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Bio fireplace Zebra – warmth of African savannah /Black and white/


White and black are universal, up-to-date and very stylish colours. Despite big contrast, they thread together perfectly, creating unique atmosphere in the interior.

White is a colour of order and neutrality. Always on top and elegance. Black is associating with modernity and domination. At the same time is intriguing and sophisticated.

Black&white in interior – minimalism and simplicity in the best edition. Bio fire Zebra by SkubaWerk is great example for this. The housing is imitating black-and-white colouration of African animal. Strips made of natural sand create unique, one-off picture of nature. Rich, expressive combination of contrastive colours in bioethanol fire Zebra match perfectly to minimalistic interiors, arranged in black&white style. On the other hand, in rooms coming from “Black Land” is an expressive emphasis, reminding about climate in African savannah, bathed in purple beams of sunset and hot sands of desert. Literally.

                                                                                                         Foto: Skubawerk

Fanciful strips of zebra made of sand, little stones and piece of wood made of fire-proof ceramics are the inside decoration of the device. Construction of this unique bio fire was made of aluminium and special 4-mm thick hardened glass. Lower, stabile, steel base is covered with black fire-proof coating. Hearth made of stainless steel is equipped in special lighter for easy igniting.

                                                                                                              Foto: Skubawerk

The atmosphere in interior with African emphasis reminds us about hot places and far journeys. Together with bio fire Zebra by SkubaWerk the atmosphere inside become energetic and warm.