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Bio fireplace Flower – burgeoning flame


Colourful and expressive or soft and subtle. Flowers can revive close space and bring spring inside. They beautify our flats in the forms of stickers, wallpapers or live plants. However, bio fireplace Flower by Horus has a really untrivial and unique form, by famous designer Paolo Grasselli.

Turned off device looks like a flower with flakes folded as if they were in a dream. After lighting Flower burgeons with the brightness of real fire. Light construction made of enamelled steel and glass gives really soft form. That way Flower perfects the look of traditional wall-mounted fires. It is magnetizing, enrapturing and attracting the attention like a real flower.

The bio fireplace is available in two colour versions: white-and-red and white-and-black. It looks great on white walls. Surrounded by white, with fiery brightness it burgeons anew. Black or red inside of the Flower, wrapped up with flakes, is a strong and expressive emphasis perfectly matching other interior decorations of the same colours. It will match minimalistic, simple interiors as an unique wall decoration and its heating properties will slightly warm up the surroundings.