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Bio fireplace – orient in its pure form


Cage bioethanol fireplace is an example of a beautiful piece of design that is the combination of simple forms with highly decorative ornaments straight from the Middle East. Looking at it we feel a kind of mysticism of that culture.

Cage is a unique bioethanol fireplace, whose main element is very decorative, ornamental frame appearing to float in the air. It ties in its interior the dancing flames, which partially visible through the openwork walls give unique visual effects.

Bio fire is totally made of steel. Burner is cleverly hidden inside the cage, thus the overall bioethanol fireplace design is extremely symmetrical. This is a contrasting combination of a very simple form of a cube with a very decorative oriental touch. The whole gives a sense of harmoniously created beauty.

Bio fire has been designed and manufactured by Flammengo, whose seat is located in one of the most fabulous places on Earth, in Dubai. It is characterized by regular dimensions: 90 x 90 x 90 [cm]. In the standard the model is offered in black, although there is the possibility of random selection of colours, according to the customer’s individual requirements. The price of this bioethanol fireplace is about $ 5 100.

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