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Bio fireplace – meal has been served


The bioethanol fireplace does not need to be large, they are also models, which for the very small dimensions can be placed on the table as a decoration for a pleasant romantic dinner. Irradia by Nu-Flame is a good example here.

This tiny bio fire is one of the most popular of models by this company. Thanks to compact dimensions, it can be moved from place to place. It may successfully replace a number of dripping wax candles, not only on the table, but also in the restaurant.

Tiny burner placed between two sanded glass panes gives the bioethanol fireplace an extremely delicate, elusive character. The flame is visible from anywhere around the bio fire. The oblong shape of the burner forms a ribbon of flames dancing between the glass panes. Visual impressions are much more interesting than in case of regular candles.

Irradia can be placed on the table located inside the room, as well as outside, but the bioethanol fireplace should not be left outside after it has been extinguished.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 11 cm

Weight: 6 kg

The price of this bioethanol fireplace is $ 109.


Photo & video: NU-FAME