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Bio fireplace from the Thousand and One Nights


Shiny stainless steel and curved glass gives Dschin bio ethanol fireplace by Decoflame a very futuristic shape. On the other hand, its half-round base in the shape of hemisphere from which shimmering flames are emanating, brings to mind the oriental atmosphere of the thousand and one nights.

Standard structure of the model is composed of 8 mm cylindrical curved glass and steel base consisting of the foot, supporting column and a vessel from which the fire is emanating. This model weighs 38 kg and is 109.60 cm high and has the diameter of 60 cm. Despite its dimensions and weight, it can be easily moved from place to place, because the structure is equipped with the wheels allowing its mobility. Its sleek design will fit perfectly in both the interior of a modern residential building, as well as in an office building. It can be positioned in the centre of the room, because the flame visibility is not limited by anything. It can also be an excellent garden and terrace facility.