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A4 bio fireplace – lightness and elegance


Graceful, delicate, but with some majesty. Shining finishing lights up the surface, comes to head in hot fire.

Italian quality, sophistication and modernity – these values are charmed in bioethanol fire A4, designed by Alessandro Canepa. So pent up strength coming from esoteric streets in Milan can be dignified element of every modern interior.

Bioethanol fire A4 has a shape of rectangular, luxury disc. At the bottom left, behind the intentionally curved housing, small bioethanol fuel tank with volume of 0.72 liters is placed. The fire comes from the burner. It looks very effective against black disc. Curved part hides the construction of bioethanol fuel tank and at the same time shows off the flames. Epoxy, hidden under the coated carbon steel covering the bio fireplace, protects from extreme attack of element.

Model A4, available in noble shining black colour, matches to minimalistic and modern interiors. All its elements were reduced at minimum in very brave way, creating decorative lightness. Bio fireplace can be hung like a painting in every part of a flat, and we can move these warmth and esthetics to other room anytime.