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Bio fireplace – a priceless diamond


Simple forms of crystals have inspired artists and designers for many years. Extremely pure symmetry of the diamond is particularly adored.

A Diamond ethanol fireplace by Altro Fuoco is an example of the inspiration by one of these most valuable gems. This is great suggestion for anyone who not only is seeking warmth for their domesticity but also for those looking for a way to increase the splendour and sophisticated elegance of their interior. Certainly, this pure geometric form will draw attention of all our visitors.


The ethanol fireplace is entirely made ​​of metal and designed for wall mounting. It has the following dimensions: 114 x 33 x 114 [cm]. The tank with the volume of 1.8 liters allows for efficient burning of up to 3.5 h. The heat output is approx. 4 kW. We can choose from eight colour versions.

This ethanol fireplace costs € 1520.