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Flare by EcoSmart Fire – the fire of a torch


Who has not dreamed of holding just for a moment the famous torch, that ignites the symbolic Olympic torch on every Olympics and begins thus the Olympic Games? We have such possibility today. The Flare bio fireplace by Ecosmart Fire was created similar to it.

The bio fireplaces attracts the attention by its unique appearance. The flames was put in a cylinder made of hardened glass. Its diameter is 280 mm. Due to the tank, opened at the top, the temperature spreads faster and then we can feel pleasant warmth inside the room, where the bioethanol fireplace is placed. The upper part is located on a black stand made of powder coated steel. The height of the base is 1370 mm. The bio fireplace is powered by eco-friendly bioethanol. The fuel burner (2.5 L) works continuingly 8 hours – so we can enjoy both: pleasant temperature and view of original decoration in our apartment. Due to the construction, it is not necessary to wire up “the torch” to the chimney-ventillation system, because it does not produce any compounds, that should be piped outside. The half-opened window is enough for appropriate ventillation. The heat output is 1.7 kW.

Beside the practical use, this bio fireplace is a stylish decoration for the interior. It is great starting point for its different arrangements. It will sit well with the interior of an apartment, public spaces, climatic cafés or elegant hotels. Due to its colour and shape it can be optimal used and joined with other elements. This model was awarded the IIDA/HD Award for Excellence in 2013.