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Klino bio fireplace by Caleido – X plotted by flame


Arranging a house, we are looking for some unique and untrivial solutions. There are as many ideas as there are designers. When looking for interior furnishings, we often pay attention to shapes and colours.

However, the best solutions are the ones – such as Klino bio place by Italian company,Caleido. Modern design combines the simplicity of the design and unconventionality of materials it is made of. Transparent tempered glass, protecting from flames, artfully jointed with pure stainless steel creates unique X-shaped bio fireplace. Every enthusiast of interior decorations will remember it for sure. The device adds magic and charm to modern interiors.

The ousing and inclined surface of Klino bio fire give the opportunity to observe the dynamics and rhythm of flames dancing inside it. Fiery reflexes on the top glass pane plot sophisticated, eye-catching image.

Alessandro Canepa, Milan designer, creates the elegance in modern edition, which will match perfectly to living room or bedroom, but also in office or meeting room. Thanks to few colour options, bioethanol fire Klino can be the decorative cameleon, which won’t be so expressive or dot the i’s, that’ll defines interior.