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Bio fireplace Prometheus – mythological fire in modern interior


Everyone for once has obviously dreamt about moving into the world of courageous heros and beautiful Helens. Nowadays, the magic of Greek myths is for the asking – all thanks to Frans Schrofer and his series of bio fireplaces Prometheus.

Classy and stylish

In raw, modern interiors it’s often missing some tender, classic element, which crowns the arrangement of our house. Bio fireplace from series Prometheus by Safretti, with oval shape, that symbolizes the closed circle, remind perfection, natural and complete shape, where art and utility, poetry and balance are harmonizing. The tender line of convex and concave aluminium combine mythological patterns with modern design. Surprising shapes were got by emboding expressive artist’s vision and look. The series was named after the name of Greek hero Prometheus, who the fire from gods in order to give it people. According to Frans Schrofer’s vision, bio fireplaces Prometheus were created in to share them with others.

Design in minimalistic edition

Bio fireplaces Prometheus are perfect for minimalistic and classic arrangements. They harmonize perfectly with cold, Scandinavian interiors, which are completed with classic black housing. Breezily jumping flames warm up the room. Bioethanol fires Prometheus are available in 6 models, two of them are unusually slender Prometheus PG and PB, reminding about Greek columns. The other four look like beautiful Hellenistic bowls, where priestesses placed the gifts on altar. Bio fires Prometheus are made of enamel powder-coated aluminium and brushed stainless steel. They can be hung on the wall at chosen place in a house.

Functionality in Hellenic shape

The product of Frans Schrofer is characterized by care about every, even the smallest detail. The perfect shape includes the burner, which according to model contains 2 litres of bioethanol. Thanks that, we can enjoy smokeless, odorless and mainly safe fire up to 8 hours. Let invite you to the world of mythological magic by Prometheus bio fireplaces.