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French bio fireplace inspiration – Opera and Montmartre


Parisian chic and elegance. We will find all this in the bioethanol fireplaces created by the designers of company Ignisial Paris, inspired by the oldest French buildings.

Montmartre is a historical quarter of Paris, situated on a hill. It is characterised by a lot of the old tenements, situated along windings and crowning little streets. This quarter differs from the rest of a city. The architects of the studio Ignisial Paris have been inspired by mysterious and charming hill, so they have created the bioethanol fireplace with the same name. Montmartre is a free standing bio fireplace with opened burner. It is powdered with bioethanol. It works 4 hours with a full tank. This modern eco fireplace looks like the tops of a hill. The burner is protected with the glass, that also raises the esthetic value of it. Due to its chromed structure, the bio fireplace matches with modern style of the interior.


Inspiration from the heart of Paris

Paris opera house, built in 70s was the next inspiration for the architects. The bio fireplace with the same name – Opera – is a modern and minimalistic device, that can be placed both indoor and outdoor – e. g. in a garden. It has 2.5 L biofuel tank, that gives us 4 hours of burning time. The surface of Opera can be made of high quality material with delicate gloss – available colors are: white, grey and black. Opera adds charm to every evening, in both garden party as very stylish gadget and in a living room, where it will become unique interior decoration.

Bio fireplaces as a piece of art

Talented architects from Ignisial Paris Studio have brought a new view of the bioethanol fireplaces to the market. For centuries France is matched with chic, luxury and omnipresent art, bringing this all to its projects. The architecture of France joins different style and thereby leaves the field clear for many artists.