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Corpus No. 1 bio fireplace – the factory of impressions


Raw solution, that looks like brought out directly from workshop. Bio fireplace by Eisenfrank matches perfectly to modern interiors, giving it a nature of preindustrial place.

Minimalistic, spacious place, kept in raw and cold style, looks great with the accompaniment of elements of industrial installations. Unique and elegance spaces of lofts are dominated mostly by stone, concrete, metal or glass. The manufacturers of bioethanol fireplaces decided to supply the lovers of industrial arrangements with solution, that makes their dreams come true.

Corpus No. 1 bio fireplace by famous designer Frank Berauer is characterized by big sizes and simple form. The housing is made of hto rolled steel. Horizontal lines of construction enlarge optically the space and give it geometrisation. Due to rust effect, visible on a frame, bio fireplace looks to be worn and brought out directly from industrial workshop. Steel-glass circle with 95 cm diameter, was closed in industrial, metal conctruction with burner of ecological bio fireplace in it.


Modern “sculpture”reminds of bellows, used formerly for pressing an air in stoves. Placed in the middle of steel housing with the elements of screws, round burner fired with bioethanol is an unique decoration of industrial interior.

Cosy and warm fire as well as rawness and monumentality of construction made in raw colours is the composition, that fills up the modern scenery of interior with uniqueness.