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Bio fireplace – colour my world …


Willow-renowned Italian artist and designer, a staunch proponent of Neo Pop art, created a graphic decoration for Fuochino pop art bioethanol fire by maisonFire. This unique design will certainly appeal to young users who want to isolate themselves from generally applicable standards and manifest their identity, independence and serenity.

The aim of the designer (his real name is Filippo Bruno) was to decorate white surface of the bio fire with an eye-catching design, seeing which, most young people would shout out the famous “cool”. This interesting Pop Art design, distinguished by contrasting colours, is to be indeed a manifestation of ease, independence and detachment from everyday life.

The bio fire is equipped with a bioethanol fuel pump, aromatherapy tank and air quality control system. It’s housing is made of steel, whereas a patterned decoration is affixed to the body of PVC film resistant to high temperatures. Of course, bioethanol fire can be ordered with an individual design. This product is also certified by the artist himself.


Bioethanol fuel tank: square with the volume of 2.5 l

Burning time: 6 hours

Dimensions: width 48 cm, height 65 cm, depth 48 cm

Weight: 32 kg

The price of this bio fire is € 2730,00.